Tuesday, 1 January 2013


The title of this video is"Saturn's Beautiful Aurora"
This video explains aurora,and also displays the beauty of them.

I learnt that:
  • Auroras is space weather,and happens in the cloud of electrically charged particles that surround each planet.
  • Space satellites allow us to see what we cannot se with our eyes.
  • Due to the magnetic field of planets,auroras can only happen at poles. 

Places I like to go in Singapore

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Jurong Lake park is a good place to chill and relax,take a walk.Same goes for Chinese Gardens,Pandan Reservoir,the botanical gardens and the nature reserve.
Jurong Point,IMM and JCube are all shopping centres.I usually go there to catch a movie or just have fun,even though shopping is not my thing.
The Jurong East Sport and Cultural Centre is where I go to swim.That is all,and bye!


About me

Hello,my name is Phone Thit Oo(look at the picture above).You can just call me Phone.I am Burmese,thus the name.It means "Power New First" in my language.
One of my hobbies used to be gaming,but in a more serious environment,I decided it had to stop.But currently,it is reading and browsing videos on video sharing sites.I used to play badminton casually but it has been a long time.
I am kind of shy when meeting new people but after a while I get used to it.I do have couple friends that came from my primary school,so I won't be too lonely.
That is all for now.Bye!